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Our Favorite Small Plate and Sessionable Beer Pairings

One of the great things about sessionable and table beers are that they’re usually light enough that they won’t ruin a snack or small plate. The right beer paired with the right food can help to bring out new flavors and aromas in both. Here are a couple of our favorite combinations:

Rauchbiers and almonds 

Rauchbier (German for ‘smoke beer’), as the name suggests is beer with a smoke flavor added, typically via drying malted barley over a flame. While the overall amount of smokiness can vary, it’s perfectly suited to enjoying with a bowl of almonds (smoked or otherwise).

Gose and bread

The brackish, wheaty character of gose beers goes perfectly with breads of all kinds, but really stand out with pretzel bread (our favorite is from Little T American Baker here in Portland).

Witbeer and bitter greens

The crispness of a witbeer’s flavor and the spices and herbal flavorings make a perfect complement for fresh or wilted bitter greens such as dandelion greens, radicchio, or arugula. The combination brings out bold flavors in both without overpowering the other.

IPAs and cured meats

While IPAs can go well into the heavy ABV and heavier flavors of imperials, the savory and resinous qualities of a session IPA make an ideal match for salami, cured duck breast, and other meats.

We’re still working on our menu for when we open in Spring 2017, but as you can probably see, we’re pretty passionate about finding the right beer for the right small plates. Drop by when we open and let us know your favorite combinations.