A new concept in beer and small plates coming to Portland, Oregon in Spring, 2017.

What is Sessionable?

Sessionable is a taphouse scheduled to open in Spring 2017 in Portland, OR. We’re still looking for the perfect spot and the right menu, but we’re committed to serving great sessionable beers and small plates to accompany them.

What are sessionable beers?

Sessionable beers are any which have low ABVs (in the 2-5 percent range). This lower alcohol content means that beer lovers and aficionados can imbibe a couple of rounds without the level of intoxication that accompanies higher octane beers.* Ideally, sessionable beers are light enough to be enjoyed with food and conversation without sacrificing flavor.

Why these beers and not IIPAs, Imperial Stouts, etc.?

Nothing against other kinds of beer: we love all kinds. From heady sour beers to plain old Pabst in a can, we enjoy the whole range – we brew it, drink it, judge it in competitions, we’re even giving up our day jobs to start a taphouse. And while we like the aggressive, high ABV, hoppy beers that dominate the scene in Portland, we decided we’d try something different that isn’t really well-represented in the Pacific Northwest’s beer scene.

So, if you’re looking for a place serving those bold, grab-you-by-the-collar sorts of beers, we’d be happy to recommend a few great ones in the Portland metro area (you might even see us there). If you’re looking for a place where you can have a couple of pints and a snack with some friends and not have to hit the snooze button eight times the following morning, check us out. That being said, we will also offer select ‘after-session’ beers for special kegs, which will have higher ABV.

What kind of food goes along with sessionable beers?

Practically anything! We’re working on the right menu to complement the beers we’ll be serving so stay tuned.

*Note: This doesn’t mean you can drink irresponsibly and drive home or expect an immaculate liver. Don’t be stupid – they still have alcohol and all that entails.